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2011 年 01 月 05 日 / thsin-thsin

School Resumes Tomorrow

The thought of going back to school hasn’t come to me until… until… until December 23rd last year. Yes, the last day of classes before Christmas Holidays; which means that I’ve been thinking, or rather, worrying about this “resume day” for the whole vacation.

Well, the whole school district’s student body is facing the truth now. School resumes tomorrow.

Apparently, tomorrow is Thursday; and we get off early from school on Fridays. So, I shouldn’t really be alarmed unless our current load of major assignments shall be increased over these two days, which I believe would not happen.

Anyway; because school takes up practically more than 24 (multiplied by) 4 (I do not count my hours of sleep) of my life for 10 months, I decided that I should blog about what happened about my week.

I’ve seen it done by other students accross the globe; and I believe that it actually works in order to keep visitors coming.

This way, I can make my weeks more “newsworthy” and less “boring”. (It can also train me to become a better liar if I really had a bad week?) At the same time, it should enhance my writing skills and force me to acquire new vocabularies.

That should be it for now; I still have two days before I write about my week.

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